7 Reasons For Having Your Own Medical Insurance

Ask the Expert: Life Insurance
June 27, 2020
Superyachts: you’re looking after them, but who’s looking after you?
July 7, 2020
Ask the Expert: Life Insurance
June 27, 2020
Superyachts: you’re looking after them, but who’s looking after you?
July 7, 2020
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7 Reasons For Having Your Own Medical Insurance

While superyacht crew are exceptionally good at giving first class service to their guests, they’re also notoriously bad at looking after themselves when it comes to the vital area of medical insurance.

Many superyacht crew are simply unaware that they may not be covered by their existing medical insurance policy when they are ashore in-between jobs.

But to ensure a long and healthy yachting career it’s important to look after number one, because no one else will.

Why do I need my own private medical insurance?

Having comprehensive medical insurance is a good idea, even for shore-based professionals who have doctors and hospitals within easy reach.

But for seafarers visiting countries with differing health care standards, it’s even more vital.

To be uninsured carries a risk, not only of possible delays in receiving medical care, but you may also become a major fiscal burden to yourself and possibly your family.

Starting a medical insurance policy early in life, when you are healthy, fit and ideally when you first start earning money, makes coverage easy and affordable. Early medical insurance cover helps you to avoid any exclusions from the policy and a notice period for the start of coverage for certain ailments.

Does my medical insurance cover me onboard and while travelling?

That may well be the case… but what exactly are you covered for? Medical insurance should not be a guessing game.

Having your own 24/7 comprehensive medical insurance policy ensures you are protected at all times. Your health is critically important and recovery can come at a high cost, but you shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden. You can transfer all the risk with a flexible and comprehensive medical insurance policy which is right for you.

7 Reasons Why Crew Need Adequate Insurance Cover:

1) You need to be covered between trips: If you have an accident or fall ill while on-shore leave you need a policy that has you covered; even when you are simply putting your feet up at home.

2) You need to be covered for hazardous sports: When you take on shore leave you should be able to just get out there and enjoy yourself. Make sure your policy covers you for so called ‘hazardous sports’ such as skiing, scuba diving, jet skiing, ironman events and even motor racing.

3) You need to be covered comprehensively worldwide: A good medical policy should travel with you around the world, offering cover for things such as routine dental work, maternity, cover for yacht related sports and a policy that gives you the freedom to choose where you receive your care.

4) You need the right level of cover for accidents and sickness: It’s essential to be covered in the event of you falling sick or getting injured. Ideally, you should seek out a policy at rates specially tailored to the unique demands of superyacht crew.

5) You need cover for permanent or temporary loss of income: If the worst should happen and you must spend time off work or worse still you are unable to resume work, it’s vital your policy covers you in the event of a permanent or temporary loss of income.

6) You need to be insured for pre-existing conditions: Because yacht crew are deemed as an exceptionally healthy group of people, it’s possible to negotiate cover for pre-existing conditions. When applying for medical cover be sure to give full disclosure of any pre-existing conditions of which you are aware.

7) You need to stick to your medical insurance policy for the long term:Keeping your own medical policy also has the important advantage of offering ongoing insurance for existing medical conditions. If you keep switching policies, you may well find you have to start all over again, and you may find that your pre-existing condition may no longer be covered.

For example, if you have an accident that causes lasting issues with your back and the recovery is paid for by your insurer, a good insurer will also cover the cost of any resulting after effects year after year, as long as you stay with them. On the other hand, if you move to a new insurer they may well put an exclusion clause in your policy as your back problem will be considered a pre-existing condition.

Moore Stephens Crew Benefits (MSCB), recently won the ‘Best Superyacht Crew Insurance Award for 2019’ by the international business publication ‘World Commerce Review’ (WRC). WCR awards celebrate achievement, innovation and excellence across several fields of international endeavour, and are recognised as confirmation of professional conduct and excellence.

MSCB specialises in signposting superyacht crew to specialist insurance. Customised solutions for medical insurance can be obtained, because we believe there should never be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to protecting your health and safety.

For more information please contact:

Melanie Langley – Senior Crew Benefits Adviser
Tel: +44 (0)7476 592592
Skype: melanie.langley.msiom
General enquiries: enquiries@mscb.im

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Protect yourself at all times

Moore Stephens Brokers Limited specialises in insurance and income protection plans for all superyacht crew, with policies tailored uniquely and comprehensively for the needs of this demanding and rigorous profession.

So, before you get a “headache”, take time to talk to us about a lifetime of first-class medical protection. After all, you need serious health problems overseas like you need a hole in the head.

Medical insurance – arranged by Moore Stephens Brokers Limited (MSBL) – a remedy for your ills

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